Special Issue Examines Catholic-Muslim Relations

Special Issue Examines Catholic-Muslim Relations

I’ve been an editor for St. Anthony Messenger for over 10 years. And in those years, the staff has produced special issues and special sections many times. We’ve addressed the clergy sex-abuse crisis, New Orleans post-Hurricane Katrina, the environment and sacraments. Special issues are quite a bit of work, but I love it: I enjoy approaching a topic from multiple angles, with different writers lending their talents to a single focus.

We’re at it again.

On the cusp of the anniversary of 9/11, the editors at St. Anthony Messenger have devoted the September issue to addressing the topic of Catholic-Muslim relations. During our initial planning, we asked ourselves:

  • Who are our neighbors?
  • What can we learn from our Muslim brothers and sisters?
  • How badly did 9/11 sully relations between us?
  • What does the future hold?

What’s Inside

The lineup for September includes an article covering 10 of Islam’s most important tenets, an interview with Muslim-American and Interfaith Youth Core founder Eboo Patel, a look at the monumental meeting between St. Francis and Sultan Malik al-Kamil, a report on the 10th anniversary of 9/11, a reflection by Deacon George Dardess on his journey from ignorance to understanding of Islam, and success stories of Catholic-Muslim dialogue. Our editor, John Feister, editorializes on the topic as well.

We wanted to provide a sense of history and hope with this issue. We also want to know your thoughts on this topic. What do you do to promote peace with those outside our faith? What can Catholics learn from the Muslim religion? What do you think the future holds?

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About the Author

Christopher Heffron is the associate editor of St. Anthony Messenger magazine and the editor of its digital edition. He is also the social media editor at Franciscan Media and the editor of AmericanCatholic.org, StAnthonyMessenger.org, and this blog site. A seeker at heart, he's a student of pop culture and a lover of good movies, good wine, and good times spent with family and friends.
  • http://www.facebook.com/bkarabinus Bill Karabinus

    I fully realize that is my duty as a Catholic Christian to recognize Islam as a brother of sorts in faith but I am sorry, I cannot. This culture has only shown me hatred and violence and it gets worse everyday. Just this last week I received an email from some unknown source that stated a case against Israel and showed pictures and videos that were totally unacceptable. When I told the source that I was turning over said email to local authorities the person stated that they had broken no laws but were only trying to make clear their case against the Jews. I will not accept this and may God have mercy on my soul….

  • Barbara Hughes

    I have been involved in intereligious dialogue for more than 12 years and served as the Bishop’s Liaison to the Jewish and Muslim communities for the Diocese of Richmond, VA from 2007 -2010. As a result of the friendships made with people of other religions, my life and experience of God has been enriched. I have witnessed hearts changed and minds expanded among dialogue partners of every faith.  One Muslim man told me that at one time he thought all Christians were going to hell.  But since he has come to know Christians and can call them friends, he leaves that decision up to God.

    Just as the seeds of hatred and predjudice are sown one at a time, so are the seeds of good will and mutual respect.  I pray that we will allow the God of love to reign in hearts of all.

  • Sister Karen Zielinski, OSF

    St. Anthony Messenger magazine continues to amaze me!  The current issue on Catholics and Muslims was a real learning experience for me.  Every related article helped me understand two faiths.  Thank you for keeping me informed with correct information.
    Sister Karen Zielinski, OSF

  • Dorothy kraus

    Catholics must certainly engage with Muslims and always with love.  However we should also know what we are up against.  Mohammed spread the Muslim faith by the sword.  Too many of his followers still want to do the same. Is it too much to ask that those who are religious denounce this hatred against us and especially Israel?  I dp not hear much of that. You also say that during the Crusades were going against the Muslims to conquer them.  The Chritians were being killed by the Muslims at that time and were in danger of losing the right to visit theHoly Place in the Jerusalem. The Crusaders went to save the Holy Land.  We must never forget to pray for them.  Dorothy, Albany, NY  

    • Santabarbarasally

      I totally agree with you Dorthy.