Hail to the what?

Hail to the what?

For your sake, I hope you haven’t seen a new series of commercials that advertise a product by Summer’s Eve.

As you probably know, Summer’s Eve makes hygiene products for women. And, frankly, no woman really wants to think about them.

Apparently, despite that basic truth, some advertising genius in a Madison Avenue boardroom decided to greenlight the “Hail to the V” campaign to focus a huge, raging spotlight on these items in the most tasteless and crudest way possible.

The ads feature a woman’s closed hand, turned sideways. The hand is intended to represent … a different body part. (Think Georgia O’Keeffe here.)

The hand talks to you, the helpless viewer. And it talks three different ways in three different ads, geared toward white, black and Latina audiences. In each case the, uh, talking hand speaks with an accent and a general dialect identifiable as a conglomerate of every ethnic stereotype known to mankind.

The first time I saw one, I sat speechless. “This cannot be real,” I kept thinking. Ohhhh, it’s real all right. And it’s disgusting.  Not to mention mystifying.

It’s 2011, and we’ve come no further than a national ad campaign that features racist, talking simulated genitalia? Who thought this was OK? Who looked at the guy next to him and said, “This is gold, baby. Gold!”

Maybe I’m a prude. Maybe I don’t have a sense of humor. Maybe I’m one of those Catholics who’s just ever-so-out-of touch.

All I’m sure of is one thing: When the crucified Jesus said, “Son, behold your mother,” he gave Mary to all of us, and in doing so he lifted up women in a special way.

Why then must people keep trying to drag us down?

Photo credit: freedigitalphotos.net/Danilo Rizzuti


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Jennifer Scroggins works in Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio.