When an Author Visits

When an Author Visits

Authors, especially ground breaking, best-selling ones, hold a special place of honor at a book publishing company.

Last Thursday, Franciscan author, teacher and poet Murray Bodo stopped by to honor and encourage St. Anthony Messenger Press.  Employees heard stories about when he wrote Francis, the Journey and the Dream 40 years ago in Assisi, Italy.

Murray Bodo signs "Francis, the Journey and the Dream."

Fr. Murray filled our lunchroom with humorous stories of his life as a young friar being asked to step out of his comfort zone—poetry and teaching—and write a book about St. Francis.

Rather than the vacation he had hoped for, his Franciscan superior sent him to Assisi for three months with direction to come back with a book on St. Francis. Fr. Murray thought, “I’m a poet, and a burnt-out teacher, how am I going to write such a book?”

Yet, the magic of Assisi worked its charm on Fr. Murray, and he in turn charmed hundreds of thousands of readers with his powerful story of the little poor man, Francis.

Have you experienced the charm? Buy a copy of the just-released Francis, the Journey and the Dream, 40th Anniversary Edition, with a foreword by John Michael Talbot!


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