Walking With God

Walking With God

Earlier this year I had the brilliant idea (insert sarcastic tone) that I was going to run the Disney Princess Half Marathon. Now, before I take you any farther down this road, let me give you three reasons this may have been an ill-conceived idea from the outset.

  1. I haven’t run—no, make that exercised at all—since, oh, about four kids ago.
  2. I don’t particularly like to walk/run. I find it boring.
  3. I have multiple sclerosis, which does things like throw off your balance. Not the best thing when you’re running…on concrete.

But, as anyone who knows me will tell you, I’m stubborn. When I set my mind to something I follow through. So I laced up my gymshoes and got started.

The first few weeks were rough. On one particularly brutal evening stroll (balance off, heat getting to me) I turned off my Ipod. It was time for God and me to have a little talk. It wasn’t the first time God and I had gone around about this whole MS thing.

“God,” I said, “I’m really trying here, but I could use a little help. Could you show me what this journey is about? What am I supposed to learn? Or am I supposed to teach someone else something? A little help, a little direction would be most appreciated.”

Since that conversation, I’ve continued walking, and God and I have continued talking. And while the exercise has certainly helped me physically, my talks with God have helped even more. I don’t always get the answers I’m looking for, but at least I get the sense that I’m being heard.

I’m not 100 percent sure  if I’ll meet my goal of running that half marathon. But, whether I do or not, I’ll keep walking—and talking—with God by my side.


About the Author

By day, Susan Hines-Brigger is the managing editor of St. Anthony Messenger. By night, she and her husband, Mark, are the caretakers and social directors for their four kids: Maddie, Alex, Riley, and Kacey.