The saddest story I’ve ever read

The saddest story I’ve ever read

How is it possible for a person to disppear in her own home?

I saw this link posted on Facebook, and once I began reading, I couldn’t stop. It was simply the most heartbreaking story I’ve ever read, and it was wonderfully written by a reporter whose compassion for his subject was almost palpable.

How many people around us battle depression and feel helpless to do anything about it? How many need someone else to reach out, to be the savior who sees the problem and takes action?

What could be more merciful, a more fitting tribute to Jesus Christ, than to rescue another soul who feels trapped in his or her own mind or body?

Depression still carries a stigma that makes many sufferers afraid to talk about their plight. Add to that a culture that is increasingly me-first and, essentially, personally customizable, and you have a segment of society being marginalized, quite literally, into non-existence.

When I finished reading the story above, I started praying. It was an involuntary reflex; I didn’t know what I was even praying for at first. I knew it was too late to help Kathryn Norris, but I ended up praying for the many other such people sitting home alone, wishing to be found but seeing no hope in sight.

Please read the article, please pray for those in need, and please never lose the courage or the energy to reach out. You could be saving someone’s life.


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Jennifer Scroggins works in Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio.
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