Homegrown Faith and Family

Homegrown Faith and Family

A couple of weeks ago I was blessed with the birth of my third grandchild. As I stood there watching my daughter labor for 13 hours, I was once again awed with the miracle of birth and overwhelmed with emotion. A second generation of children for me to love. How lucky am I!

It will be interesting to watch my children raise their children. What kind of parents will they be? I am hoping that they will give their children a strong foundation to stand on—a foundation based on God’s love, the security of a loving home and the freedom to be independent.

It is the same foundation I tried to give to my children. Sure there were days when I stumbled—I would even say failed–at giving my children all that they needed. But always, God’s love was the foundation in our house and through His grace we raised a family. In my role as a grandmother, I intend to share with my growing family our established values and traditions.

For example, birthdays; if you are in our family, we celebrate! It’s not about the presents as much as gathering as a family to eat together and share a few laughs and celebrate the birthday of a loved one. Christmas is celebrated with much tradition and family unity. Christmastime is when I am most grateful for God’s blessings and my family.

I hope I will have more grandchildren. Once we were a family of five–two girls and one boy. Now we are a family of 12. Who knows how many more little miracles we will add to our family in five years!

But enough about me. If you want to read a good book about faith and family you might want to try this new book coming out in August—Homegrown Faith: Nurturing Your Catholic Family.  Author Heidi Bratton invites you into her home, where she’ll show you where to find God—right inside the busyness of modern family life. A series of insightful and often humorous weekly reflections on raising faithful Catholic families, Homegrown Faith draws on familiar situations.


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Tammy Monjaras serves as the director of the customer satisfaction division. As an avid reader, she loves speaking to customers about the latest books Franciscan Media offers. Tammy is a native Texan but has called Cincinnati home for the past 15 years with her husband, Richard, children and grandchildren.
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    Thanks for the reminder, Tammy, that everything good and hopeful thing I’m doing for my family now will someday multiple, so pouring in to them everything I can is a great investment!  :)  Thanks, also, for introducing my book to readers!