Discover God In New Ways

Discover God In New Ways

The Franciscan Media Production team has been busy of late working to bring you some new opportunities for personal and spiritual growth. First, we’ve seen the release of three digital audio titles suitable for download to your iPhone, Droid, iPad or preferred digital device. Mark Mossa, S.J., visited our recording studios early this year to record “Already There, Letting God Find You.” In this audiobook you’ll discover how God is present in everything, from the smallest and most insignificant to the most profound. Mark points out, effectively, that God is deeply in love with you! It’s not so much for those of us who are seekeing to find Him, as much as it is for us to discover how God is present, and let Him find us! Check it out here.

 The second of our three releases this week is Father Alfred McBride’s “Staying Faithful Today, To God, Ourselves, One Another.” This revised and updated title, on audio for the first time, is even more timely now than when it appeared in print form! Father Alfred shares, through stories, an examination of our society and culture, and how we can find the solution to personal and social ills by a simple return to faithfulness in the areas of personal, relational and spiritual commitment. When we recorded the audiobook in the studios of Relevant Radio in Green Bay, Wisconsin, I was struck by the simplicity of Father Al’s insights. Even so, the ramifications of putting his simple attitudes and recommended actions into practice have the possibility of impacting your life and the lives of those around you in a powerful way. Want to change the world for the better? Listen to Fr. Alfred McBrides “Staying Faithful Today, To God, Ourselves, One Another.” Find it here.

The third release this week was most enjoyable for me. I was a twinkle in my parents’ eyes when Dion DiMucci came out of poverty in the Bronx and hit the emerging world of Rock n’ Roll by storm with hits like “The Wanderer,” “Run Around Sue,” “Donna the Prima Donna” and a host of others. He shares the inside story on his life growing up in an immigrant neighborhood with all its character and charm. He delves into the impact of a dysfunctional family life, living on the streets, and a God who used many people to plant the seeds that eventually led to a return to the Catholic faith. I especially loved the personal stories associated with Buddy Holly, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, and Dion’s love of Hank Williams, a man who influenced his music. As a part of the generation that shaped Rock music, Dion’s story tells the story of Rock n’ Roll. Check out “Dion, The Wanderer Talks Truth” here.

Finally, coming soon, we’ve been in the recording studio with musician and author Chris Padgett. Chris read so well that we recorded two of his most recent books, which you can look forward to in the fall. Chris, who is a convert to the Catholic faith, examines his struggle with and eventual embrace of Mary, the Mother of Jesus, in his soon-to-be released audiobook “Wholly Mary“. The second title, “Spirituality You Can Live With” is a 30-day challenge to spiritual growth that begins with a reflection that God does not call us to be anyone other than who we are.  Also, don’t forget Chris’ most recent release with us, a musical devotion entitled “The Rosary Project.”  Available here and on iTunes or Audible.

In addition to Chris, we had the privilege of having Archbishop Emeritus Daniel Pilarczyk in our televsion studios to record an online learning segment based, in part, on his audiobook, “Thinking Catholic” (found here). It was a pleasure to have the Archbishop, who will soon be celebrating his 77th birthday, with us to produce this new resource for spiritual growth for the University of Dayton.

We’ve definitely been very busy! There is more, but it’s time to get back to work. For now, check out our resources and let us know what you think.

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Matt is the manager of the Media Production Department at Franciscan Media. He serves as executive producer on all audio and video products produced.