Unconditional Puppy Love

Unconditional Puppy Love

I am so blessed to be loved–by my kids, my husband, but especially by my dog, Aggie. We rescued Aggie from a shelter in 1995. She was the only girl left in the litter and weighed slightly over three pounds at five weeks old. She was the size of my hand when we brought her home. We named her after the Texas A&M Aggies because we were huge fans and, at the time, we lived in Texas. Aggie instantly became a member of our family and thus another child for me to love.

Through the years, Aggie has given our family unconditional love and companionship. Long walks, playing fetch with her toys, and who could forget playing hide and seek (don’t ask). Each night Aggie would wait for me to settle down to watch TV in my recliner. She knew as soon as the recliner footrest was up, she had permission to jump up on my lap. Once there, she would curl up into a little ball and not move until I did.  When my husband is out of town she sleeps on the stairs with one eye on the front door. This is her way to protect her family.

Our family has learned a lot from Aggie. We learned about simple companionship, unconditional love and to protect those that you love. I know–it sounds sweet and it is so, so sweet.

Aggie is 16 years old now. She can’t hear much and she can see very little and has a little arthritis in her hips yet she still responds to us the very best she can. She still gets excited when it is time for a walk but now halfway through the walk I carry her home. She can’t jump up on my lap in the recliner but there is an unspoken language between us and I pick her up every night so she can sleep on my lap, and we can share our love for each other.

I know Aggie won’t be around much longer. I think when she does go to doggie heaven that she will be the puppy she once was, playing with her toys and racing down the street on a walk. I find comfort in Friar Jack Wintz, O.F.M.’s book I Will See You in Heaven.  In his book, Friar Jack reminds us that God’s goodness is reflected in the whole family of creation. We can be confident that our beloved animal companions will be waiting for us at the gates of heaven.  I know I will be younger in heaven and will not have the arthritis in my hips either, so I can take Aggie for long walks.

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