June is Audiobook Month!

June is Audiobook Month!

The Audio Publishers Association has declared June to be Audiobook month, encouraging all who love audiobooks in all their flavors to shout it from the rooftops. Their goal, to spread far and wide the great joy, pleasure and value that audiobooks are.  I agree with them and I think you will too.  Apart from my listening at work to our own productions, I listen primarily in the car traveling to and from various destinations.

I enjoy inspirational titles that encourage my personal development and the occasional fiction title when I want to escape for a time and enter another world. That’s the beauty of a good book and the advantage of an audio title. Like the days of early radio, before talk trash, an audiobook can transport you to another world or encourage you to see things from another perspective.

During this month, we encourage everyone to check out what St. Anthony Messenger Press and Servant Books have to offer. You can find our existing catalog pages here. Titles available for digital download to the device of your choice are easily identified by the “Buy at Audible” logo listed with each selection. If you don’t see that listing, chances are it’s not yet available as a digital download. Don’t let that stop you from letting us know you’d like to see it offered as such! Just drop us friendly email at samadmin@americancatholic.org, letting us know the title you’d like to see in a downloadable format. No guarantees, but if we can make it happen, you can be sure we will.

Thanks, and spread the word about SAMP/Servant audiobooks during audiobook month!  You can request more information and/or receive a full printed catalog of our titles by calling 1-800-488-0488, or simply click on the audiobook link on FranciscanMedia.org


About the Author

Matt is the manager of the Media Production Department at Franciscan Media. He serves as executive producer on all audio and video products produced.