Fatherly Faithfulness

Fatherly Faithfulness

My father was a faithful and faith-filled family man.

He died last year and was greatly missed this past Sunday, Father’s Day, by his children and grandchildren. Our Facebook walls were filled with photos and comments about his absence. Still, we did not share a meal together with him as our father.

My family counted on my father for certain family events bringing us all together: Thanksgiving, Christmas, Easter, birthdays and Father’s Day. Now, with him gone, and my mother’s death over 25 years ago, we are a bit “unhinged” as a family unit. I would even use the word “lost.”

What does it mean for us siblings to be faithful to the family now? Are we brothers and sisters together because of the name he gave us? I cannot answer this yet since, I believe, we are still grieving his loss and are unsure how we are to operate as a group without him.

Being faithful is a timely book topic. Father McBride writes about faithfulness and my father modeled faithfulness.

According to 1 Corinthians 1:9, God is faithful. I am honored that God allowed me to experience a faithful father. Sadly, many do not know such a father. This experience of faithfulness is one of the reasons, I believe, that I am able to trust in God.

My faithful ramblings lead me to one question: do you trust God because of a faithful person in your life?


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Barbara Baker works in Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio.