Good Discipline, Great Teens Audio Receives Numerous Honors and Awards

Good Discipline, Great Teens Audio Receives Numerous Honors and Awards

Recently, St. Anthony Messenger Press, under its Servant Books imprint, received a great honor from the Audio Publishers Association with the nomination of its audio book, Good Discipline, Great Teens, by Dr. Ray Guarendi,  for the prestigious Audie Award in the category of “Personal Development.”  The book, which was originally published in print by Servant in 2007, was released as an audiobook in 2010. The title is available in a six CD package, or as a digital download for use on computers and digital audio devices, smart phones, etc.

With his trademark wit and rock-solid values informed by his training as a clinical psycholigist, not to mention the father of 10 children, Dr. Ray entertains and educates. Here is what Dr. Ray says about it: “I give you (the parent), the tools you need, not only to navigate the teen years, but also to enjoy them. I consider issues ranging from curfew to drugs to back talk.  This (audiobook) equips you to give your teens a safer, more stable adolescence, character and virtues for a lifetime.  Teens are full of life, enthusiasm, energy and laughter, although our culture primes us to expect a far darker reality.”

Publishers Weekly, an industry trade magazine, has featured the title with positive reviews in their pages. In addition, AudioFile Magazine, a leading source for all things audiobooks, has honored the title with its highest praise: the Earphones Award.

Producer Sharon Cross, engineers Kevin Schroeder and Ron Riegler, as well as Executive Producer Matt Wielgos, extend their thanks to all who made this project possible and successful. It was Sharon’s first project as an audiobook producer. Quite the debut, Sharon! Looking forward to good things to come.

In addition to this title available as an audiobook or print, Servant Books and St. Anthony Messenger Press also feature a previous title in the series, Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime, available in print, CD and digital download versions.  Look for Dr. Ray’s newest title in print and in audio this fall entitled Marriage: Small Steps, Big Results.

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Matt is the manager of the Media Production Department at Franciscan Media. He serves as executive producer on all audio and video products produced.