Catholic Media Convention: Dialogue and Community

Catholic Media Convention: Dialogue and Community

Pittsburgh. Steel city. River town. Pirates’ home.

Why would a Catholic online marketing geek from Cincinnati want to go to Pittsburgh in June? Simply, because she craves enhanced dialogue and community with other media professionals.

Every year, the Catholic Press Association offers a Catholic Media Convention to learn, share and celebrate Catholic media. Journalists from all over the country attend to network and to learn about media challenges, changes and choices. Mostly, though, we go to make real-life connections that last a life-time. Why? Because people make media.

The last time I went to the Catholic Media convention, I presented about social media. Frankly, even at that time, I did not realize the impact Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, podcasts and blogs would have on media professionals. I am a huge fan of how Catholics journalists use these tools as they enhance dialogue in their Catholic communities.

Dialogue and community are a vital part of social media and are a vital part of attending the Catholic Media Convention.  This online marketing geek hopes to find new colleagues who care about the tools, the dialogue and the community.

Who wants to meetup? Dare I ask: who’s planning a tweetup (hashtag: #CMC11)? Let’s discover together!


About the Author

Barbara Baker works in Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Craig Berry

    Hey Barbara,
    I’m not attending the CPA this year (might be going to Catholic New Media in KC this Fall though), but I am looking forward to following the tweets!

    • Catholic @BarbaraKB

      Craig, I’m counting on your for tweet updates and encouragement. Sorry to miss you. 

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