Stay Faithful

Stay Faithful

As a very amateur golfer, I have followed closely for years the athletic prowess and unparalleled mental drive of Tiger Woods, unarguably the world’s best golfer. I’ve cheered his record low scores, his many wins at The Masters, U.S. Open and all of golf’s major tournaments, and his sheer magic on the links. Like many sports spectators, I thought Tiger could do no wrong.

And like many, I was devastated when the media stories of his marital infidelity surfaced. How could this happen?

An epidemic of infidelity

Tiger’s fall from faithfulness came on the heels of other stories of high-profile men and women who strayed from their marriage vows. It seemed like an epidemic of infidelity was occurring. The media lusted after these stories of unfaithfulness, but few, if any, media stories talked about how to be faithful—and why.

As product development director, I wanted St. Anthony Messenger Press to address this issue of fidelity, using the teaching of the Catholic church as the foundation for informing and inspiring Catholics to stay faithful.

Last year, I dusted off a book that St. Anthony Messenger Press published in 1981 but was out of print, and I reread it with an eye for how it could be updated and refreshed. Then I contacted its author to invite him to revise the book in light of twenty-first century culture. Graciously, Rev. Alfred McBride, O. Praem., accepted my invitation, and he wrote Staying Faithful Today to God, Ourselves, One Another.

In seven chapters, Father McBride uses personal stories and Scripture to show us how to maintain our fidelity to God, ourselves, and others in our world at a time when there is growing resistance to accepting God’s grace. He relies not only on his personal experiences with faithfulness, but on research and advice from experts to show us that it IS possible today to be—and stay—faithful.

Encouraging us amid cultural chaos

The book expertly helps us look at the issues of fidelity and loyalty in our married life, family, friendships, and community, and gives us encouragement and courage for being faithful to God amid the chaos of the modern world.

I personally am looking forward to discussing Staying Faithful Today with the members of my parish spiritual book club at St. Boniface Church in Cincinnati in May when Father McBride will join our discussion via telephone.

Staying Faithful Today has been recorded for an audio book and audio download, with Father McBride reading his own work. It will be available soon from St. Anthony Messenger Press.

How do you stay faithful today?


About the Author

Lisa Biedenbach, director of product development for St. Anthony Messenger Press books, works to identify great writers whose insights and experiences can inspire and inform us about the Catholic faith and help connect people to God and each other. A graduate of St. Bonaventure University, she is married, and loves to cook, garden, read books, and entertain family and friends.