Catholic Bloggers at the Vatican: I Have Questions

Catholic Bloggers at the Vatican: I Have Questions

On Monday, May 2, 150 Catholic bloggers from various countries will meet with the Pontifical Council for Social Communications headed by Richard Rouse. The announcement and list of 150 bloggers was earlier this month. I am thrilled for the various bloggers I have read for many years, including Catholic Mom and Ironic Catholic, who will make a trip to Rome, some for the first time. Sean McGaughey, of Catholic Roundup, wrote an excellent quick FAQs post about these 150 bloggers with links to their blogs.

Rome Reports requests submissions from bloggers:

Over 750 bloggers applied and the selection process was an interesting mix of diversity and random selection. The agenda for the actual meeting on May 2, with panel speakers, was announced today with sparse information about discussion topics.

My personal interest is how the event will be covered this coming Monday. What livestreaming will the bloggers use during the event day, whether on Twitter, on their own blogs or, dare I suggest, UStream?

Bishops’ Advice?

This event has me asking: What advice do the bishops and priests who shepherd these bloggers have for their visit to the Vatican? Perhaps some are not even aware of their presence at this meeting. Also, are bishops and priests going to be more involved in overseeing the work of these bloggers? What official stance do they have as new media communicators? Will there be future events? Does this put pressure on bloggers (and podcasters and Facebookers and tweeters) to ask for further information from their own priests and bishops?

If you’re a blogger, do you want advice or feedback from your priest and/or your bishop? Or are you happy blogging without their guidance?


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Barbara Baker works in Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Pam Spano

    Since my blog ( is about my own experiences, I don’t think I would need the advice of a priest or bishop. However, if I were writing about doctrine, dogma or something specific to the Catholic Church’s teachings, I would definitely seek the advice of clergy.

    • BarbaraKB

      Pam, you make a good distinction here between personal experience and teaching.

  • David L. Gray

    My website and blog ( cover several aspects of the doctrine and moral theology. The CCC is my rule in and guide to stay within the boundaries of what the Church teaches. Also, given that my writings are in the public forum and I use the social media outlets to let my readers know when I have new content, my hope is that my lay peers will also help me if they ever see my skirt too close to the edge.