The TV Revolution

The TV Revolution

I’m watching TV, but it’s not cable, satellite or DVD. No, it’s not a VHS tape, either. I’m watching on my flat panel in my living room. I’ve tuned to a new channel. It’s on my PC, which I’ve hooked up—just like my DVD player—to my flat-panel TV.  I boot up the machine, surf the web with my wireless keyboard, type in the name of my favorite program, network, movie, actor and…presto! There are literally thousands of suggested videos for me to view. Some are free, some are pay per view and some are subscription. It’s all there. So my question is this: Who needs broadcast, cable, satellite, rental stores, rental boxes or mail delivery?

It’s a new world in regards to media consumption today.  The dream of  à la carte delivery that was promised by but never delivered by cable and satellite distribution systems is now realized through your PC, through your HDMI cable, to your living room television. This will continue to revolutionize our television media consumption. Not only that, it will revolutionize what we watch, where we watch and who our preferred program providers are.

St. Anthony Messenger Press, through its Franciscan Media Web site, is launching into this new realm of possibilities by establishing a test site for online video delivery. You can get there by going to

There we have uploaded, in segments, video media from our vast archive for your review. Presently it’s categorized according to the related sacraments to which the programming pertains. Our first thought was that parishes and diocese may have immediate interest in this delivery method to use our materials for catachesis.

The possibility exists that the content will be available for subscription, pay per use and even free!  Right now, it’s all up there for free.

We’re looking for your reactions to the service and the site, especially if you’re involved in ministry and perceive a way  that this could be used given your practical experience.  Be sure to click on the “Tell Us What You Think” button to take our short survey. I venture to guess this is only the start of what will become a regular stop as you flip channels, like I do,  in this new way.

Photo: Salvatore Vuono


About the Author

Matt is the manager of the Media Production Department at Franciscan Media. He serves as executive producer on all audio and video products produced.