The Season of Change

The Season of Change

“To everything there is a season, and a time to every purpose under the heavens.”
Ecclesiastes 3:1

On a recent trip to Los Angeles I realized I was definitely in a season of change.  I am a new empty nester, I have grandchildren and my husband calls me Nana when he talks to “the kids.”

How did all that happen so fast? Really I never thought I would hear anyone calling me Nana! Not that I mind being a grandmother, it’s just that I never thought about it. In fact, it has become amazingly clear I don’t think enough about the changes that are happening around me.

For example, for inspiration I read the book “Hiking the Camino.” Something about the printed word in my hand, turning the pages and carefully marking my place with a bookmark is somehow comforting to me. It’s what I know, and as an avid reader it seems to be the best way to read a book.

Then I discovered digital books. I have to tell you, dear reader, that too is a great way to read a book. It is efficient and because I can adjust the font I love that I don’t need the reading classes sitting on my nose, looking like a “Nana.”  And I can download books easily from the convenience of my home in my slippers–oops, there is another Nana kind of thing, isn’t it?

There is definitely a season of change in the media world. At St. Anthony Messenger Press I have been so lucky to be a part of the media changes.

Each time I go to our Web site I am impressed with all the information and products that we can offer our readers. E-newsletters, e-cards, current news and yes, blogs from a variety of people are available every day brought to you so that our readers can be inspired and informed. Isn’t that awesome?

Change is never easy, maybe that is why I try not to focus on it too often. In reflection the purposes of these changes have enriched my life. Grandkids, slippers, information and entertainment available 24 hours, I think the changes suit me just fine.

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Tammy Monjaras serves as the director of the customer satisfaction division. As an avid reader, she loves speaking to customers about the latest books Franciscan Media offers. Tammy is a native Texan but has called Cincinnati home for the past 15 years with her husband, Richard, children and grandchildren.