Help Servant Pick a Good Book Cover

Help Servant Pick a Good Book Cover

Do you judge a book by its cover?

In July, Servant Books will release a new book by Tammy Evevard entitled, Becoming the Woman God Made You to Be. Tammy’s book is filled with stories of encouragement, grace and humor about God’s love and care for young women.

Below are three book covers for Becoming, the Woman God Made You to Be

Cover A Cover B Cover C

Cover A

Cover B

Cover C

Which cover would a 20-something woman find attractive? Which one will display best in a bookstore? What about online at Amazon or Christian Book Distributors?

Would you please pick a book cover, either A, B or C? Or give us your feedback about these three covers?

We know you cannot judge a book by its cover, but a good cover does help a good book.

(Hat tip to Mark, our wonderful book designer, for encouraging this blog post!)


About the Author

Barbara Baker works in Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • Bárbara

    I think that cover “A” would be best. A young woman in her twenties has just entered into her adulthood and wants (in my opinion) to be ‘taken seriously’ as an adult and the first one is pretty, which will appeal to feminine sensibilities without being too flashy nor too juvenile. The second one, “B” might be too much of an allusion back to being a baby that women wanting to go the opposite direction by entering into adulthood may not want to associate with. I think that “C” may also be pretty but more like an adolescent “here’s a book about menstruation” kind of pretty and while I can’t say exactly why it brings that feeling to mind, it just does. The first one has roses, or so it looks like, and that seems more adult, yet pretty. Just my thoughts and hope they can be helpful to you.

  • Dorinda

    C, I actually really like B, although all the dots make it too busy.

  • Mary Henige

    I like cover A; C is my second choice.

  • Barb, sfo

    I like cover B–except I find it very hard to read the title of the book, with each letter in a little circle like it is. That’s a deal-breaker for me. Therefore, I’d wind up going with cover C.

    Also, cover B would appeal more to young moms than young single women. So you want to consider your audience.

    I’ll be excited to read this book, whatever the cover looks like.

  • Sharon Lape

    All three covers are really pretty. I LOVE the little girl in the grown up shoes! But Cover B is to Easter-eggish in appearance, IMHO. Cover A is a bit too busy. My choice is C!

  • Allicia Jensen

    My preference is C, good art, simple text, eyecatching. I do like the art on the other two covers, but they don’t pull me right in. In option B the letters on the bubbles appear confusing, my eyes just jump around instead of reading the title. option A looks like a greeting card. I really like C the best. I would flip C over to read the back, i would skip the other two over.

  • Judyz

    If I had to choose, I’d pick C but I don’t think a 20-something would do the same. B is too difficult to read and A doesn’t lead me to feel any particular way-positive or negative. I think you’d need something “edgier” and more “artsy” to attract the eye of a younger woman who is used to seeing lots of artwork and photography in our media-saturated world.

  • BarbaraKB

    INCREDIBLE comments here. Thanks SO much. See? We DO judge a book by its cover.

    If you have other 20-something friends to share this post with, please feel free to do so.

    The more feedback, the better.

    Thanks again!

  • Melanie

    Cover C definitely grabs me. The other two seem too busy and cluttered. On an Amazon page with a bunch of covers, the butterfly on C would draw my eye and the simple text that is easy to read would make it linger. I’m looking at this on a laptop screen without my glasses on and i think that’s a good indicator of what might work in a bookstore on the shelf. The colored dots on B are too hard to read and the floral on A is distracting.

  • Jcragon

    I absolutely love B but I think for selling purposes C would be better on a shelf in the store, displayed with other items and on a web page.

  • Heartbeatsbeauty

    I love cover C… simple, elegant and classic. The beautiful butterfly on the cover and the large words Becoming caught my eye immediately… we are in a constant state of Becoming. :) -Liz H