Every Day Catholic: Essential for the Journey

Every Day Catholic: Essential for the Journey

I deeply appreciate all the publications produced by St. Anthony Messenger Press, but one in particular always leaves me spiritually fed and yet hungry for more: Every Day Catholic (EDC). I’m gluttonous about this newsletter. It’s spiritual overeating at its best.

Its editor, Joan McKamey, is a skilled leader and collaborator (not to mention a frequent blogger on this site!). Her team—which includes Jeanne Hunt, Barbara Beckwith, Frank Frost, Constance Wolfer and other talented contributors—present a newsletter that explores and explains the Catholic faith in a visually appealing way.

Four reasons to subscribe to this wonderful resource:
1)  Practical information and appealingly designed.
2)  Affordable four-page resource for faith formation.
3)  Good for parish groups or for individual reading.
4)  EDC includes: a short main article, movie column, personal profile, intergenerational column, prayer for us alone or within a group, and questions for reflection and discussion.

But the newsletter’s tone is what won me over when I started working for this company. It’s fresh, inviting, meaty and an invaluable travel companion on your journey of faith.

To subscribe to Every Day Catholic, go here.

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Christopher Heffron is the associate editor and social media editor of St. Anthony Messenger magazine, and the manager of its digital edition. He is also the editor of AmericanCatholic.org, StAnthonyMessenger.org, and this blog site.
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    I agree on all accounts, Chris–I watch for it every month also.