Every Day Catholic: Essential for the Journey

Every Day Catholic: Essential for the Journey

I deeply appreciate all the publications produced by St. Anthony Messenger Press, but one in particular always leaves me spiritually fed and yet hungry for more: Every Day Catholic (EDC). I’m gluttonous about this newsletter. It’s spiritual overeating at its best.

Its editor, Joan McKamey, is a skilled leader and collaborator (not to mention a frequent blogger on this site!). Her team—which includes Jeanne Hunt, Barbara Beckwith, Frank Frost, Constance Wolfer and other talented contributors—present a newsletter that explores and explains the Catholic faith in a visually appealing way.

Four reasons to subscribe to this wonderful resource:
1)  Practical information and appealingly designed.
2)  Affordable four-page resource for faith formation.
3)  Good for parish groups or for individual reading.
4)  EDC includes: a short main article, movie column, personal profile, intergenerational column, prayer for us alone or within a group, and questions for reflection and discussion.

But the newsletter’s tone is what won me over when I started working for this company. It’s fresh, inviting, meaty and an invaluable travel companion on your journey of faith.

To subscribe to Every Day Catholic, go here.

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Christopher Heffron is the associate editor and social media editor of St. Anthony Messenger magazine, and the managing editor of Liberty + Vine. A seeker at heart, he loves music, film, good writing, pop culture, and time spent with family and friends.
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    I agree on all accounts, Chris–I watch for it every month also.