Let your mind be blown

Let your mind be blown

The world is full of amazing people.

You get up, you battle traffic, you work all day, you head to the gym, you make dinner, you check Facebook, you go to bed. And somewhere in that daily routine, you can lose sight of the remarkable power of a person.

Each individual component of your day has a way of seeming both huge and infinitesimal all at once. At times, the heft of the perpetual to-do list seems to be outweighed only by the boredom of quotidian redundancy.

So take a week or so in your life and just look back. Whom did you encounter?

Heroes, big and small

Look at the news. The people of Egypt and Tunisia have inspired huge socio-political change in their countries, as well as in Libya, Bahrain and potentially Saudi Arabia. Though violent and bloody at times, there are miracles happening every single day as ordinary people bring down dictators.

Now, that’s not to say one has to topple a government to be amazing.

On the contrary, one might overcome an alcohol addiction, steer a marriage through infertility problems, find love after the loss of a spouse or simply persevere in faith when all reasonable logic would say not to.

Those were the kinds of tales I heard on Valentine’s Day at an event called Love Stories, a night of good food, fellowship and remarkable faith-sharing that raised money for a project called Mimi’s House, a home for young women in Guatemala.

Just a few days later, a friend shared with me an article she was writing on the Pay It Forward program, which matches those in need of kidney transplants with donors willing to give the gift of life to complete strangers.

And just this week, in the halls of St. Anthony Messenger Press, we celebrated the 75th birthday of Friar Jack Wintz, whose life has been spent teaching, writing, serving and spreading his love of God with passion and total commitment.

Come, live in the light

Some days, people make it hard to be cynical. Some days, the grace of God shines through us — even in spite of ourselves.

So while you languish on your commute, buy your groceries, put the kids to bed and prepare to do it all again tomorrow, make a resolution.

Resolve to look around you, find the amazing people and thank God for them.

And then remember: You are amazing, too. You are the Chosen, the Light of the World.


About the Author

Jennifer Scroggins works in Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio.