In a Spiritual Rut?

In a Spiritual Rut?

Could I be in a spiritual rut?  Kathy Coffey’s article, Rising From a Spiritual Rut, in Every Day Catholic, challenged me to consider the possibility as I read this paragraph:

One man vowed on his 50th birthday to do something new each day. Such openness, such a spirit of adventure, challenges us all. Some days it might be a small thing, like flipping to a different radio station or Web site. Others may be major changes, like not vacationing in the same spot we’ve visited for 20 years, or changing jobs.

Society says a woman should not admit this, especially on a public blog, but I am turning 50 this year. Would I consider the challenge to “do something new each day?” That seems a bit extreme. Besides, it seems so self-absorbing. Shouldn’t I be happy and content with the wonderful life God has given me? But then I considered another thought from Kathy’s article:

Self-nurture may seem “selfish,” but we are God’s beloved children. God designed the human mind, soul and body for stimulation, not stagnation.

As I enter my 50th year, God is offering me more. My father died this past year at 94 and I may carry some of his genes for long life. If that’s true, I have 44 more years! Perhaps I need to take this 50th year to try out new things, especially spiritual ones, so I do not grow “stagnant” or find myself in a deep spiritual rut.

Are you in a spiritual rut? Read more of Kathy’s article for specific suggestions for help. Do you have any suggestions for someone who might be in a spiritual rut? Post your helpful suggestions here.

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