The Art of Sharing Love

The Art of Sharing Love

I believe color and design are key factors in life. Boredom sets in when things stay the same too long. Look at the awesome masterpieces of nature we are graced with throughout a 24-hour period with just the change of light!

God is the master of change. Nothing is more beautiful than the changing leaves in the fall, the gentle swaying of grain in a field as a breeze passes in the summer, a winter wonderland of ice and snow or a field of bright colored tulips in the spring. As the beauty of these images continues to change from morning to night, from day to day, no one ever seems to tire of them.

I like change. My oldest grandson teases that every time he visits me, which is often, inevitably something changes. My mother used to say I changed my wall colors more than she changed her clothes. To me, changing a wall color or painting over a picture is easy and gives a whole new perspective to a room, as well as to a heart. Creating and changing things consumes the fiber of my being and is fun and fulfilling.

I can only imagine how much fun God had creating the world, playing with all the lights and darks, mid-tones and shadows! He has given us so many wonderful, creative gifts to enjoy.

Young at Art

As a grandmother, I am always looking for creative ways to spend time with my three grandsons. It is sometimes hard finding one means of entertainment that will appease a 16-, 10- and an 8-year old. However, it seems art, in various forms, is an endless outlet that promotes fun and relaxation for all ages. 

Most children I know are easily persuaded to partake in fun forms of art, especially painting. My grandsons are always up for painting of any kind! I give them an empty palette, a paper plate with three or four globs of acrylic paint and a few tools to apply the paint with and they have a ball letting their creative juices flow! Using a keen eye, I select the best area of their compositions and fit it into a recycled frame, and voila, another masterpiece has made its way onto our family walls! I love seeing the smiles on my grandsons’ faces as their talents are bragged about to each first-time visitor viewing their art. Who knew that sharing a creative gift could instill such fervor in a child? Above is a watercolor and torn paper painting my grandson Taj did at the age of six. Below are more of my grandsons’ framed paintings along with their ages at the time they created them.

Art is Love

I believe sharing our creative talents is an easy and enjoyable way of sharing love with those around us. And who can dispute the love God has for us when we see an orange-pink or purple-colored sky, sun-kissed waves rolling in and out on a beach, white, puffy clouds rapidly moving and causing a breeze to touch our faces on a really, really, hot day? I think no one!


About the Author

Even more than enjoying being an art director at Franciscan Media, Sandy Digman loves spending time with her three grandsons, who are quite the artists themselves! Sandy is truly inspired by them as well as everyone around her!
  • Hilarion Kistner, O.F.M

    Beautiful words, wonderful art, talented grandchildren and grandma.

  • Jeanne

    Sandy, This is beautifully said. What a wonderful way to spend your time with your grandchildren. I, too, believe that art feeds and nourishes the soul.

  • Sharon

    I love your artwork, Sandy! Your grandsons do a great job, too! Thanks for sharing.