Gospel Message Goes Global

Gospel Message Goes Global

Foreign rights. What is this and what does it actually mean for a publishing company like St. Anthony Messenger Press? The initial sound of it evokes images of glamorous deals in faraway countries with non- English-speaking business professionals.

Foreign rights—or subsidiary rights (as it’s also referred to)—is the sale of language and territorial rights of our books. We license publishers or organizations in other countries the rights to translate, publish and sell our books in their respective languages and countries (or territories).

SAMP Book "Lessons From the School of Suffering" published in Korean by St. Pauls.

It’s definitely an important part of what we do, and here are five reasons why:

  • It helps provide affordable resources on the Catholic faith across the globe;
  • It cements us a part of the global Catholic Church. When we see our products in other languages and countries, published mainly by other Catholic publishers, we know that we are part of a universal effort to spread the gospel;
  • It promotes the mission of St. John the Baptist Province, of which our Franciscan publishing house is a ministry;
  • It generates additional revenue—both for our company and for our authors;
  • Moreover, it helps fulfill our company’s mission by spreading the gospel message—literally—all over the world. It is pretty neat to hold the Korean, Polish (or any other language) edition of one of our books and know that people in completely different cultures are getting the same spiritual nourishment as we are. For a moment, I always feel a little more connected to our Catholic brothers and sisters from whom we are oceans apart, and the world doesn’t seem quite so large…

To date over 500 of our books have been published in other languages, as well as in Braille. There’s a good chance that some of your favorite St. Anthony Messenger Press and Servant Books titles have reached others in distant lands. You can view our new (and classic) book titles on our online catalog: http://catalog.americancatholic.org/default.aspx.

Check out the original version of Lessons From the School of Suffering: A Young Priest With Cancer Teaches Us How to Live by Rev. Jim Willig, with Tammy Bundy. It is one of the top ten SAMP best-sellers.
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