Giving Thanks for Our Gifts!

Giving Thanks for Our Gifts!

Like many creative minds, my innermost self comes out in my work. When I am inspired, ideas and well-coordinated images flow from a place within me that sometimes, quite frankly, surprises me. When I allow myself to think about things too much, I am aware of how the process gets stifled. To the left is one of my recent paintings that hangs in my hallway. Below are a few of my abstract paintings that happened as a result of surrendering and going with the flow.

abstract paintings

As far back as I can remember in Catholic grade school, the nuns always appointed me to create and decorate classroom bulletin boards and backdrops for plays. Because of that, some classmates labeled me a teacher’s pet. I remember how I hated that! However, I thoroughly enjoyed getting out of schoolwork to do the decorating. I am now convinced those years were very important in prepping me for my life-long career in art and design.

One nun, in particular, always said the spirit moved through me. At the time, that statement was totally embarrassing for me and I remember thinking she was full of something and it wasn’t the Holy Spirit! Now that I am older and wiser, I get the spirit connection. (Sorry, sister!)

A friend once compared speaking in tongues, a gift of the Holy Spirit, to an out-of-body experience. She claimed unfamiliar words would simply barrel out from deep within her and she had no idea what she was saying, but knew it was pleasing to God. Although I have never spoken in tongues, my designs come as a result of listening to the spirit within me. Also, like my gifted friend, I am not sure what the canvas is saying but I do know it is pleasing to God because I am utilizing the talent He gave me. I am thankful for my gift and share it with family, friends and community always. After all, what better way is there to give thanks for a gift than by using it to the fullest!



About the Author

Even more than enjoying being an art director at Franciscan Media, Sandy Digman loves spending time with her three grandsons, who are quite the artists themselves! Sandy is truly inspired by them as well as everyone around her!
  • Brandon Kilby

    Great post, Sandy! I love the artwork.

  • JeanneK

    Sandy, what a beautiful reflection!
    I like the connection to the past and your understanding of it now. Nice art, too!

  • Lindsey Simmons

    Can I hire you to decorate my house, please? :) I agree with Brandon–great post!

  • Ericka

    Love your art, Sandy! Great post! :)

  • Christopher Heffron

    Beautifully done, Sandy!

  • Joan McKamey

    She’s an artist and a writer! Great insight about God’s pleasure when we use our gifts.

  • Guy Smith

    Love your art work Sandy,and love your blog to.Keep up the good work.The Lord has blessed you with a fine talent,may it glorify him!

  • Brenda Bene


    Your words are as beautiful as you are. I love your artwork Congrats

  • Nordelle Wainz

    The artwork is as beautiful as the person that did it, Sandy is beautiful inside and out. It is a pleasure to know such an amazing person.

  • BIll and Debbie Ploehs

    We have known Sandy since grade school. She was an inspiration to the class even at a young age. Great job Sandy, we are so proud of you.

  • Ed Digman

    Nice work Sandy! I’m proud to be your “little brother”! Love you.

  • Rose & Don Weyer

    Sandy, love the blog and your art work. You truly have a wonderful gift from God. Yes, that nun was right, the spirit certainly does move through you and so many people, like us, benefit from your gift: ) What a blessing and inspiration you are to us!