God’s housekeeper

God’s housekeeper

Seek the Lord

I am always searching.

I’m searching for meaning, for purpose, for connection, for inspiration, for answers. For years, I puzzled over the question, “What can I do to get closer to God?”

To my surprise, I have found a sense of fufillment in the utterly mundane: cooking and cleaning.

Through the parish stewardship program at St. Paul in Florence, Ky., I bake monthly for Parish Kitchen; wash and iron the Mass linens one month a year; and water and care for the church’s plants another month of the year.

While others see October as fall leaves, football and Halloween, I associate October with pruning some ficus trees and trying not to poke myself on the pesky cactus in the back room.

Sing a new song

I have grown to love the time I spend in the empty church, just me, the greenery and God, my Father. I have a strange, calming sense that I am doing something for Him; I like that I am in His home, helping enliven and improve the space where weddings, baptisms, funerals and the daily Eucharist take place. By no means is it rocket science, but I feel peaceful with the thought that, “Hey, this is something I can do. And I have chosen to take the time to do it — for God.”

This past Saturday morning, as I was watering and snipping away, I realized after some time that I was singing, out loud, to no one in particular. My voice was bringing forth “Be Not Afraid,” seemingly without input from my brain. I stopped for a second to reflect on what I had just realized and knew instantly and doubtlessly that God had put the song in my heart.

As I recall that moment from my desk at work, I can hardly wait for this Saturday morning to get here, that I might be privileged enough to experience another sublime moment of joy in the Lord’s house.


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Jennifer Scroggins works in Marketing in Cincinnati, Ohio.
  • http://www.americancatholic.org Lindsey Simmons

    What a great reminder of finding God and joy in simple things! Really enjoyed this post! :) “Be Not Afraid” is one of my favorite hymns…

    • Christopher Heffron

      Good stuff!