US Saints: Our “Stamp” of Approval?

US Saints: Our “Stamp” of Approval?

G’day, mates!  From “Down Under” comes the news that Australia is honoring its first native saint with a stamp. Here in America, we’ve never had one of our own saints honored on a stamp. We’re wondering: If we could get the U.S. Postal Service to honor American-born saints with a stamp, who would be the top half-dozen picks?  

Controversy aside—there was flack when St. Francis of Assisi, and more recently, Mother Teresa got their own stamps—if we could dream….  

Here are our nominees:   

  • Elizabeth Ann Seton: She was a pioneer in education, and, as a widow and single mother, is a role model for women.
  • Katherine Drexel: She used her family’s great wealth to extend the Church’s mission to native Americans and African-Americans.
  • Damien de Veuster of Molokai: The leper-priest of Molokai didn’t shy away from living and working with people others shunned—and evetually shared their fate. 
    St. Damien has a statue in the US Captol. Why not a stamp?

  • Frances Xavier Cabrini stands as a “Catholic identity” figure, representing millions of Catholic immigrants in the U.S.
  • Venerable Solanus Casey, whose cause is still “in the works,” was a mystic who related to everyday people in his position as doorkeeper of a Detroit monastery.
  • Venerable Pierre Toussaint, the “holy hairdresser,” a wealthy freed slave who shared his wealth with the poor of New York.

Those are our picks. What are yours?    


About the Author

Fr. Greg Friedman, O.F.M., is a Franciscan priest who serves as creative director on the media production team at Franciscan Media, where he produces audio and video programs. He hosts American Catholic Radio, broadcast and streamed to over 70 Catholic radio stations and available on the Web at Fr. Greg is also pastor of St. Francis Seraph parish, a part of the Franciscans’ inner-city ministry in Cincinnati’s Over-the-Rhine area.
  • jscroggins

    Great idea! Super-creative!

  • Ericka

    Santa Maria De La Cabeza…easy to fit on a stamp! ;p AWESOME BLOG POST!!! I could easily read this 5 more times.

  • mattw

    Mother Teresa. Popular acclaim holds she’s a saint already…

  • Angelo Stagnaro

    Hi Father,

    Not to contradict you but we’ve had three saints and saints-to-be on our stamps in the US: Felix Valera & Edward J. Flanagan who are both Servants of God and Mother Teresa who is Venerable.


    Angelo Stagnaro